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Founder of Nordic Mission, evangelist Haakon Fagervik

Nordic Mission is an organization started by evangelist Håkon Fagervik, and is founded on a vision to evangelize through prayer and fasting, and reaching people. The ministry of Nordic Mission is founded on prayer because we know that the atmosphere on a place in being transformed by people who pray. The atmosphere shift that we saw on the day of Pentecost in Jerusalem in Acts 2 was started in a prayer meeting, and this is needed also today, so we can see God’s kingdom go forth with revival all over our nation.

We as Nordic Mission wants to talk to God about our people first, so that when we talk to people about God, the hearts will be opened and prepared through prayer before we give them the gospel. Because we have such a strong faith in prayer, we connect to intercessors from many nations around the world that are standing together with us in prayer.

We experience an abundant blessing in being able to pour from this prayer source then never runs dry. We seek God because we want God, and because we love Jesus and to be together with Him. In the lives of all christians there is such a great frozen prayer potential that has to be released into salvation for the people. Spend more time in prayer, and your life will be a source of living water to those who thirst! John 7,37-38

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